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SF/MK - The Hero of The Fallen/The Man of great Suffering Movelist


Secrets - Secrest Scrolls will appear before a match round starts that will relay a message to you in order to fight these secret characters (Much like the first 2 mk's)

Messages To Fight The Hero Of The Fallen:

"Herb & spray aren't your friend"

"Look to the Stars!"

"Over 60 points is the key"

"You can only find me using Capsule Computers"

"3 Hypers before Stage 4!"

"All Items Must be aquired to see me!"

"Do you have Raccoon's in your city"

The Hero Of The Fallen:

Capcom Mode:

Combination Blow: QCB + P
Body Blow: QCB + LP,LP
Heavy Body Blow: QCB + LP,LP,MP
Payoff: QCB + LP,LP,MP,HP
Magnum Combo: QCB + MP,HP
Grenade Toss: Z + P
P80 Gun Fire: QCF + P
Prone Postion: D,D + HP

Super Special:
Combo Sweep: Z(x2) + P

Hyper Special:

Satellite Laser: QCB(x2) + P


NetherRealm Mode:

Combination Blow: D,B,P
Body Blow: D,B,LP,LP
Heavy Body Blow: D,B,LP,LP,HP
Payoff: D,B,LP,LP,HP,HP
Magnum Combo: D,B,HP,HP
Grenade Toss: F,D,F,P
P80 Gun Fire: D,F,P
Prone Postion: D,D,HP

Super Special:
Combo Sweep: F,D,F,D,F,P

Hyper Special:

Greande Launcher: D,F,D,F,P


Messages To Fight The Man Of Suffering:

"Monsterous and Insane must be your descriton of skills"

"3 Rounds of Flawless skill must be perfected before Stage 4!"

"You must go through the path of Hell to fight Me!"

"All Items must be required to see me!"

"The Creature will come soon!"

"Your Suffering will be legendary, Even in the NetherRealm!"

The Man Of Suffering:

Capcom Mode:

Carnate Assualt: QCF + P
Baltimore Bash: Z(x2) + P
Gonzo Gun: QCF + K
Skorpion: HCF + K
Molotov Cocktails: HCB + P
Fire Axe Barrage: HCF + P
Pain & Pleasure: Z + LP,MP,HP

Super Specials:
Slayer Blades: QCF(x2) + P
Wretches Attack: QCF(x2) + K
Arsonist Blast: HCF(x2) + P (Hold To Charge . . . .) Then realease P

Hyper Special:

Cataclysm: HCB,D,Z + K


NetherRealm Mode:

Carnate Assualt: D,F,P
Baltimore Bash: F,D,F,D,F,P
Gonzo Gun: D,F,K
Skorpion: B,D,F,K
Molotov Cocktails: F,D,B,P
Fire Axe Barrage: B,D,F,P
Pain & Pleasure: F,D,F,LP,HP,HP

Super Specials:
Slayer Blades: D,F,D,F,P
Wretches Attack: D,F,D,F,K
Arsonist Blast: B,D,F,B,D,F,P (Hold To Charge . . . .) Then realease P

Hyper Special:

The Creature: B,D,F,LP+HP+LK+HK
Well if your doing a crossover with MK then there's bound to be secret chars with messages and ways to unlock & fight them right . . .. . or at least I hope LOL but the question is can you guys guess who they are?
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
I'm gonna guess Chris Redfield and that guy from The Suffering. I particularly like how they're unlocked Reptile style.
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